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Amazon.com Just as his wife, Faith Hill, gets slicker and more hermetically sealed on each album, Tim McGraw reaches back on this record to a time-honored, if now rare, country music tradition--recording with his road band. Like Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, and Merle Haggard before him, McGraw craved the artistic freedom and rawer sound he enjoyed with his road boys, and he was correct in thinking the Dancehall Doctors would leave their own honest stamp on the music, as well as a '70s rock & roll feel. Retreating to a studio in upstate New York, they recorded 15 keepers. Only one, a cover of Elton John's "Tiny Dancer," lands with a thud, as McGraw tries to duplicate John's vocal nuances and never takes control of the song. But elsewhere, he and the band are surprisingly emotional, soulful, and vulnerable. Together, they turn "Red Ragtop," a song about teen lovers who abort their child, into a universal lyric about choices and regrets, and fashion the two songs about revisiting the people and places that shape who you are ("Sing Me Home," "Home") into something profound. The album sags in spots, and McGraw and his coproducers misstep in adding faux R&B vocal washes here and there. But this is a good, solid effort to make music and not just the radio charts. --Alanna Nash Product Description "For this album I wanted to take what we do live and convert it into a record. We wanted to capture the 70's vibe of not just rock and pop music, but country music, too. The way music was made back then, with Waylon and his band going into the studio, or The Eagles or the Allman Brothers. They'd all go camp out somewhere and eat, sleep and breathe it. That's what we wanted to capture." - Tim McGraw
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